Wholeness Arts with Birdi Sinclair 

Wholeness Arts:
a way to know ourselves better, through community, online live and recorded courses, creative explorations, discussions, re-imaginings.
The arts is a tool of the heart and soul, timeless and intimate, shared. 
Our spirits get a voice. It's not about skills and ability when we gather, 
it's about actioning, presencing in another set of languages within all of us, unique to each of us, whatever brought us there.
It's a type of liberation, this path of our wholeness. 

Let's walk together.
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what I offer in services, art, care
Thanks, and see you soon! ~ Birdi

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Yourself,
Be Connected, Be Kind

Welcome to our place to discover,  lean in, together. With guidance, support, companioning, sharing, exploring, we emerge and evolve ourselves. We learn to fall in love with wonder, which is a surprising key to reconciling so much that we may feel is waiting for us, missing, unanswered, maybe even broken or stolen. Let me show you. 

Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair
Within Moments, Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair, writer, artist, spiritual counselor
Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair

We will feel the ripple into other places and spaces in our lives, from the inside out. Joy and wholeness is not fleeting, or elusive, or conditional.
It is our selves, alive and connected.
When we learn to witness and engage in our selves and our world in wonder, a wholeness is there, saying
YES. I am here, I have always been here, Remember.
We are here together. 

Ama la vita d 'altro,

About Courses

Courses for You

Soon, I will have several courses related to personal and spiritual growth and care, grief healing and recovery, legacy, ritual, tools for expression and exploration, creativity through art and writing, and more. I'm so busy making making making. I'm very excited to turn my decades of experience of in person options into global interactions. I am looking forward to knowing all of you, and for you to meet each other. We are so much more together. I love how small the world is getting and how big we all are, and never alone if we don't wish to be. See you soon! xo Birdi

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons. I will be easily accessible for any course that is or isn't live. Me, not my assistants. Courses will have a variety of tools, video, mp3, pdf, whatever is needed. Materials will be listed BEFORE sign up so it is clear. That is something that I look for in the many classes I have enrolled in on line, so I will be sure you have access. Always feel you can connect with me with your questions. 

Awesome Community

Here, we can make a community and connect with people from around the world who are interested in things like you. All the benefits of a social media platform, but more intimacy and privacy. Safely, and caring, joyfully sharing and discovering in a platform designed just for your class topics. No ads or anything infiltrating our spaces. We get to decide and create each space together. Every group has its own personality and needs. We will know as we go. 

 "Birdi has a way of explaining things so that I feel lighter, when things were feeling so dense before. I have a new way of approaching my self, my situations." 

 - 1:1 Phone Sessions

 "I have been looking for a more creative way to understand what has been the root of these patterns I have, and Birdi Sinclair had such a fresh approach. I'm not the same. It's amazing to me. I'm so grateful." 

- Virtual Small Group Class

 "I didn't have anything I was working on really. I wanted to shift and meet people who thought more like me and were stimulating and creative. I wanted a different kind of crowd. More caring, less competitive. I found it." 

- Several Options

 "She's a wizard. She is what she says and more - an artist, a writer, a caring counselor, she sees things like a mystic in ways that I have never heard someone make connections. It's like she sees into our souls and yet she's so relatable and even goofy. Where did she come from and why aren't there more of her!" 

- Several Options

Never are these courses or platforms a diagnosis or a substitute for other forms of professional care. They can be a wonderful adjunct and gates for discovery on an introspective and a universal way toward growth and self-care, for whatever led us all here.
Please know these communities are supports and we come here as equals, regardless of our training and experience in the world.
I am here with many skills, techniques and training to support you and looking forward to what we will explore. 💖~ Birdi