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About What We Do ... 

Who is it for?

  • those who feel they are or aren't creative

  • spiritually engaged or developing - whatever that means for you

  • in a deep time of change

  • healing or exploring a life crisis, grief, circumstance, health condition

  • intrigued by wholeness, or looking to enliven and enrich existing practices

  • new and practiced at connection with the more of ourselves and the ripples

  • those who are curious about the phrase, "the art that is my life" 

What do we ACTUALLY do?

  • using art materials, styles of writing, book binding, ancient textile techniques depending on our goals.

  • we deepen this with breathing and meditation, ritual practices inviting a somatic experience into the space.

  • We connect with nature because we ARE nature. 

  • we explore, we share, we welcome curiosity, we invest ourselves in our selves, and our community.

  • we feed the belief that we are more than our every day activities and feelings, and we are committed to the safe space to ask what is that more that I am, that I am asking to be connected with? 

Where do we do it?

  • online classes, courses, trainings, groups, retreats, pop-ups

  • some live, some pre-recorded

  • individual coaching, sessions and packages

  • private forum for more discreet community building, FB groups, easy to use online class platform, and other phone or online places as agreed. 

When do we do it?

  • online classes, courses, trainings, groups, retreats, pop-ups will be announced in newsletters and enrollment

  • some activities and optional shares will be done together 

  • some materials will be in pdf or mp3 for your ease to continue progress on your own time

  • ongoing access will be clear before or on enrollment

  • we'll make our own schedule for individual coaching, sessions and packages 

  • community forums will have some pop-up extensions for you to enjoy

  • The idea is that you will embody these ideas and modify them to your own practices. When you continue them will be up to you! 

Why is it important?

  • Wholeness is our purpose, our reason for being, our design. This is very different than the quest for Balance. 

  • Learning the languages of our wholeness is a gift to your right to exist. It ripples into your confidence, your relationships, your decisions. It is uniquely yours. 

  • With it comes the stillness in the chaos we all crave. 

  • Who are you, separate from society's messages, your longing to be enough, your pains, your activities?

How will it impact our lives?

  • a growing sense of ongoing clarity and inner trust

  • improved connection, compassion, understanding of yourself and others

  • this leads to more authentic relationships in your personal and professional lives

  • a healing and deeper understanding of thicker wounds, anxieties, seemingly stagnant places

  • a richer practice of self being, self Am-ing

  • strategies to be present with and identify more richly, in your own language, your mind body spirit care and feeding guide, which ripples into a more unified, whole self in all areas of life, whatever circumstances may be. 

  • Your deepened unification is a liberation that ripples into the world according you your own distinct design. 

WHO IS Wholeness Arts? And Birdi Sinclair?

Wholeness Arts is Our Community. A place we create, that I began for healing, discovery, deeper connection, even grief and loss care. Our place for the languages within and around our selves to find their voice and expression, to unify, because we feel the calling, and on some level, are ready to be still enough to step in and welcome what comes, in a clean and caring, supported, guided space. It's a mind body spirit space, and much more. Through art of color, texture, writing, nature, and more, combined with contemplative practices and discovery of personal ritual, we find our way home to our selves and our worlds. 

​My experiences and education have been all about creative and spiritual exploration and expression for many decades now. I've spent most of my career serving, caring for those in grief, loss, hospice, and big changes in their lives, reaching deep within themselves  and around themselves to feel that connection. Sessions, speaking, teaching, you name it. My doctorate is focussed on sacred dialogue, engagement and activism, and my other degrees and certifications are in the arts, theology, end of life doula care, sacred practices and ritual, hospice, spiritual direction and coaching.


My mother would tell me to "go contemplate my navel" and I know now she was sending me off to clear her head from my many questions. I was born very intuitive, full of depth and wonder, and have a practice as an evidential psychic medium for many years. This is a part of what I do, but I find when people come to me for this work, they are really looking to feel the connection to something more that they already are, and to feel some sense of direction and guidance that they already know when really they are in deep pain, loneliness, and in need of care and confidence, reassurance that we ARE part of something more.  When things have become so painful, it is difficult to trust ourselves and be still, to feel that connection. This is where my other work and training comes in. Connection is everything, with our self, each other, nature, and the greater world. There are endless ways that this happens. It is somehow comforting, homing and also expanding. Knowing and believing this has been the bedrock that has expanded me, sustained me, healed me, and filled me with awe through the challenges and wonderful times of life inspires me to share it with anyone who is looking to also feel more in tune and connected or released.


I have taken all of this curiosity and innate wonder and awe, and combined them with so much learning and experience to create any thing I offer. All that I offer comes from a very true love ~ Birdi Sinclair

WHAT we do

We Engage our 5 Bodies and Welcome Wholeness

Gently, compassionately, curiously in classes that are online - live or pre-recorded, in groups, or also in one on one coaching sessions, we meet you where you are and explore, learn ways to have meaningful, restorative connections. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically significant reclamation, integration and liberation in simple, true-to-you languages. I introduce a combination of techniques and ideas and companion you as you allow your wholeness to intuitively unfold the rest. No artsy or writing experience needed or lots of experience, all are welcome - It's actually not about art, it's about choices and discovery. Voice. Homecoming. Space. Truthwalking. Stillness. 

I have an insatiable love for creating and learning about all kinds of things, nature, music, and people.

I also care, richly. My hands are always a mess with something. Always. Like a 5 year old. There is music on, and some good tea. My dog is nearby. And even though I am always into something, I have time. There is always time for you.

I am full of wonder. I've come to realize this probably one of my super powers and is the voice of my spirit.

What is yours?

Let's find out.

Ama la vita d'altro, 


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