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There are many ways we can work together, directly and indirectly. Even if you purchase a pre-recorded course or a book or a piece of art, I am still available to you. Check out the options and if there are questions, or ideas that are not listed here, contact me, let's have a consultation. We can customize a plan that fits your needs. 

I am preparing these recordings for you RIGHT NOW. It's all of my live experience being transferred to online formats to keep sharing with you. It's like another studio or office to move into. Like moving across country! Coaching available now. Lives announced as they are offered.
Teaching Platform Link: Birdi

My Sister Site is where I offer direct and personalized services for the Inner experiences, the intimate places of Directions, Healing, Guidance, Celebrating, Release, Life Cycles through personal sessions, meetings, readings, coaching, direction. Wholeness Arts is about the same types of experiences but through Classes, Courses, Retreats, Groups and Coaching in a modified style. Ritual, Ceremony, and Celebrancy is part of both spaces in different ways, too. They are powerful unifiers as we bring ourselves into understanding through each of the places in our being and experiences. 

"... generosity cannot exist without three things proceeding it. The first is giving without the sentiment of generosity; the second is patience; the third is having no suspicion."
Tales of the Dervishes by Idries Shaw

Extra Bits

Extra Bits

In my own Wholeness, these are my offerings to from my Inner experiences to my Outer expressions. We all are a once ever expression, for a short time, every leaf, tree, lady bug, and person, and yet we share and weave a timeless understanding. I am always filled with wonder at who we each came here to be. 

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