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  • How do I purchase art?
    Contact me directly. We will arrange the purchase for you collection or gift, and arrange best shipping options for your selection. An original could be a commissioned piece, an already created piece, a print, a product. In the case of my Dad's photography, they are all printed and there are choices of sizes and even if it is on canvas or quality papers, as well as choosing your preferred donation. We will speak by phone or through email. I have some easy peasy forms created. It is a simple, smooth, personal process. I look forward to connecting with you. It is also so nice for us to share in such a moment as selecting art that will last perhaps longer than a lifetime, or at least companion you for this time in your life. It is a personal decision, as it was personal to create, and I love the personal connection. Birdi Sinclair 603-352-0793
  • How is shipping my art managed?
    Every dimensional or framed or canvas piece is shipped from a local shipping agent that is experienced in packing and sending art. We will calculate the cost of shipping and handling to your unique destination according to their fees as it relates to your unique purchase weight, size, dimensions, location, and timing needs. Flat items, such as prints, unframed originals, may be packed carefully to avoid bending and other damage and if not shipped through the local shipping shack, will be sent another responsible way. All shipping will have tracking and insurance, of course. Your piece is also my piece. We have a shared relationship with it going well, and making its way to its new home. Birdi Sinclair
  • Why and How did I choose these organizations?
    Each organization was chosen carefully based on how they manage their funds, how directly they provide services, and how I felt they matched the needs of under-resourced programs around the struggles my family and many others have faced, continue to face in their lives. I believe it takes one person, one moment of kindness, to make a shift for another. I have experienced this, I know many of you have, too. Together, we are each that one person combining to make a shift.
  • What percentage of sales will go to the charity or organization?
    After the costs of shipping, packaging, printing, and handling, any of these related expenses as come up per each unique order, all remaining proceeds from sales of my Dad's photography will go directly to the organizations selected. We Begin Peace in every moment. He was beginning his peace in the moments he took these photos, learned more about photography, edited them. We continue to begin peace by enjoying his beautiful spirit, regardless of his challenges, the reminder that we are all much more than anything might seem or expect, and also, we begin peace in the moments the funds are shared to continue in another's life as they find their way in a complex world, in a complex time in their lives. The money is a symbolic connection of love, peace, kindness, awareness that we are all much more than we know, and much more together.
  • Will organizations change?
    Yes. I will be prudent with our efforts. I will stay aware of organizations and their work and strive to be as responsible as one can be in selecting and rotating our combined efforts. I will be completely transparent where your donations have gone to and provide receipts.
  • Will you provide receipts?
    Yes, of course. I am not a charitable organization. I am simply donating funds/profits from any sales of my Dad's photography to organizations. Your purchase receipt will show what organization is benefitting from your purchase, but it will not come directly from a charitable organization. Please feel free to donate directly to any of the organizations I have researched.
  • Can I donate directly? Will I get to choose which organization?
    Yes of course. This will be in addition to your purchase. I likely will have a choice of 3 categories for you to select where you would prefer your donation to be directed. At the time of your purchase, you will be able to select your preference or let me know there is no preference. There will be one for nature protection, one for youth or women's safety or education, one for anger management or communication skills improvement. More to come as I discover which organizations I feel best represent our interests.
  • Can I contact you for more information?
    Of course. I am here with you. Any suggestions, ideas, questions, please contact me. I can be reached at 603-352-0793 Thank you for your support and care in this project. Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair
  • Can I meet with you for a private session?
    YES. I would love to meet with you for your very personal needs. We can discuss your own healing process, areas you may want to become unstuck, relationships, goals, and more. I am a Master Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Counselor. I am also a lifelong Intuitive Mystic and many have come to me over the last 30 years for readings, counseling and coaching sessions to find clarity, heal, connect with the more of themselves so they feel a sense of wholeness and understanding about this time in their lives. We heal those long standing disruptions and pains, we go forward having disrupted protective patterns, and we find a deep well of compassion for ourselves and others that is liberating. We feel lighter, have more clarity because we are now connected with our true purpose, our whole selves are witnessed and able to take steps more confidently, regardless of our circumstances around us. Our relationships improve, and our we are ready to embrace any changes that are waiting for us. We can meet for intuitive readings, coaching, as one time meetings or for several meeting as a counseling or package of sessions. for more information. Contact me directly with any questions you may have. Also notice any supportive classes and products I have created that are designed specifically from my years of experience and reflections on the time I have spent working with my clients.. Check out some Google Reviews
  • Are these art or writing instruction classes?
    Yes, and No. We use art materials and techniques as discovery tools in many of the classes. As an example, we may use some guided writing, images, symbolic creation, meditation or visualization, even basic book binding as it relates to the theme of our course. I will demonstrate some techniques related to our processes, but these are not art or writing classes. The bigger goal is exploration, healing, finding a language to ourselves. Wholeness, liberation, deep presence and understanding. It's not therapy, and it can be therapeutic. It can also be enjoyable and build skills, even if you may not think of yourself as creative or artsy. * If they SAY they are a technique class, then they are. For example, I will be offering a class in "Writing Vows for Sacred Events." This is clear what it is.
  • Is this welcoming to all experience levels of art and writing or no art and writing skills?
    YUP! Absolutely. If you are published, or have never written a word, if you are a professional level artist, this may actually be even as much of a stretching time for you as someone who considers themselves unable to draw a stick figure. We are in a land of inner language and community. It's a quest. There is something here for all of us. I know it. I created it to be that way. No one left behind, no one slowed down. It's a rich dish we are sharing.
  • If the classes are pre-recorded, can I reach you if I have questions?"
    You betcha. I am available and engaged. I will be easily accessible for any course that is or isn't live. Me, not my assistants. I'm ready to support you on your course. Everyone will be interpreting the materials in their own way at their own pace. Send me an email if you have a question, need support, want to schedule a private session to work through the content or what it brings up for you. Of course, let me know if there are technical issues. I am not techy, and this is not a platform I have built (but I chose one with great tech support) and I will do my best to make sure you have what you need. I did design each course, so I have the content, right? Community spaces are available also, for ongoing connections if you would like them with those who have taken a class. That's really nice for some people, to have those forums.
  • Do classes expire? What's included?
    From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons. If a course is accessible for a limited time, it will be clear on enrollment. If it is "lifetime" and I decide to retire a course for some reason, then you will be notified with ample time to save the material. Courses will have a variety of tools, video, mp3, pdf, whatever is needed for that course, whcih may vary. Sound good? This is what I appreciate in an online course, so I look at it like I'm in your shoes. That being said, set aside intentional time in your days, maybe the same time each day, you decide when, to engage with the material. This is something you chose for yourself after all. See what's inside there for you. :) It will be calling you as it waits.
  • What supplies will we need?
    Materials will be listed BEFORE sign up so it is clear. That is something that I look for in the many classes I have enrolled in, so I will be sure you have access. Always feel you can ask me questions. I will be adding to a list on my Amazon page and other shop sites like Blick or wherever I think the best deals are, for supplies I like using to complement our classes and projects. That's found in a link called Supplies, under Shop. Of course, USE WHAT YOU HAVE and LIKE. Please. This is about process not product. There's nothing we are doing that is SO fancy that it needs exactly what I have. If I get a particular result from something that is important, I'll tell you why I use it. If you get a result you love using something else, please share it with us. oh yeh. Please. yummy.
  • Do you have other products?
    Yes. I have some ready and some on the way! I have series of Breath Dice™ to companion you like a pocket coach! I have a deck ready, and an accompanying book series in the works. There are online courses, at your own pace and also lives. There are Group meetups some free, some for a fee. I have other goodies and projects happening too. Always something, because we are also, always something! YES. We can commission your special art pieces if we are a good match, and I have a series of products, online courses, and writings available for you. They are all designed for your personal growth, healing, self-discovery and ways to expand your being. Wholeness is our birthright. The more we can understand and integrate our many languages, intuitions, instincts, deeper knowings, the more clarity we feel, the more connection we experience within ourselves, with nature, with others, with our communities. It is so important to learn or remember these things, especially when so much is competing for us to be pulled in every direction, when we are always led to question if we are ever enough. YES WE ARE. Let's come home to ourselves, and then we ripple to be home with each other. Every course, product, writing I offer explores this, brings us to our wholeness in different ways. Let's do this. Here is a link to a podcaast interview I was recently a guest on, Phone a Crone :D This link will bring you to Spotify but it can also be found on Apple Podcast Enjoy! Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair Interfaith Wholeness Specialist and Master Life Coach
  • How does Quantum Physics address Spirituality ?
    Carl Gustav Jung writes of Quantum Physics as more than physics, as a new form of mysticim, which suggests the interconnectedness of all things and beings and the connection of our minds with a cosmic mind. Pretty neat, right? Here's an article for you: Carl Gustav Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind - NCBI

Whatever you are meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible. ~DORIS LESSING

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