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Self Talk. How to have the Real Conversation.

Self-talk. What is this mysterious design that creates a running dialogue in our heads? We often respond in our bodies and emotions as if it were unquestioned and true. Sometimes satisfied and comforted, sometimes upset by these thoughts and they roll around in our minds causing lingering anxiety. We often take it to heart or at face value and instantly accept whatever that voice is as the truth.

How often do we question our self talk?

Whose voice is that anyway? Is it always from the same source? How do we know it’s our Inner Truth Teller? How can we tell when it isn’t? How can we know if it needs attention or if it can be noted and pass like a weather system? When are we still enough to separate what's important or what's chatter?

We actually have a line to our Inner Truth Teller that feels like a wholeness, like our sovereign being-ness rather than a separate authority assessing and informing.

There are many ways to practice engaging with it. SO many. No right way, maybe several ways that feel wrong to an individual and right for another.

On my sister site: Within, I recently created a full post outlining 5 steps to discern what is chatter and how to connect with our Inner Truth Teller.

  1. Acknowledging Self-Talk

  2. Questioning the source of the voice

  3. Recognizing your inner truth teller

  4. Weathering

  5. Stillness

And also how to create an ongoing practice. This inner sovereignty and wholeness is something near and dear to me, and I have several ways to support you in private coaching or spiritual direction, as well as in the classes I prepare for us.

Here's the link to the full post:

To enroll in a 1:1 coaching package click the button below or contact me directly for more information. I'm here to support you.

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