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Tender Days

As I spend these tender days with my most sweetest friend, I am feeling a lot of deep things. It occurs to me, as I shift my view, that I am the most contented person in the world. I have love, warmth, food, and the ability to be with those who need me most when they need me.

It doesn’t matter where in the world someone is, what their finances are, their education or status is, it all comes down to these very basic things for all of us, doesn't it? 

I am able to adjust my schedule to be here for him when he needs me most and not have any conflict in my life about it. We are warm, we have the care we need, we have food, medicine, love. I have no where else to be. I can’t wave a magic wand and turn back time, which I can see clearly he would also want, but we can put on music or lighting, go outside, stay inside, sit together, whatever.

Rowan the Magnificent Shih Tzu - Birdi Sinclair
I am Magnificent - All is Right in this Moment

To him, I say:

I am here for you my dear one, I am grateful for you and our lives together. I have a deep sadness, I have a profound joy. There is never enough time. I am sorry that I, of course, forgot that sometimes. You never did. You are all in, every day and are a master teacher in my life, ever inventive, always up for adventure and something wonderful and new, enforcing kindness and sparking joy wherever we are. I hope I am a guide for you, too, in some comparable, magnificent way. We are in our tender days together and I am leaning into gratitude and presence to carry us both. I am trying to only celebrate for now, and be sad later. I don’t know if it’s days, weeks, maybe even months, but I know too soon we will know each other differently, and I will be with you in every way to make it as easy for you as possible.

He would say because he does in every moment:

"Love is as Love does, and Love simply is. Be Love. Be Present, Be all in."

Thank you, My Eternal Friend. 


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