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Wholeness Arts: What’s This All About?

Wholeness Arts is a language inside each of us to connect our full self.

It actually has very little to do with being creative or artistic in the ways we often think about. 

We have several aspects of ourselves that make our whole being. They sometimes agree, sometimes do not. We also have an easier time focusing on one or two more than some of the others. Some of us are more intellectual or emotional, some of us are very physically aware, while others may have a lean in even other directions. This can sometimes lead to not understanding or even ignoring, running from the other aspects of ourselves. They are not our go-to languages but they still are us. They are wanting to share with us and have important information. It is interesting even the language - They, us. We are one whole being.

Purple Neon With All Your Heart Commit to Life-Birdi Sinclair Wholeness Arts
The Art that is Your Life - Be All In - This is Wholeness Arts, our personal vow to our core selves. ~ Birdi Sinclair

So how do we lean in? We can say this is the art that is your life. We are creating every moment in our decisions and choices, our responses, our words and thoughts, our meals, our clothes, our relationships, our work and careers, our spiritual lives. We are living art, and we are Whole Beings in all moments. We are designed to be curious, to be inventive, and to engage inside ourselves and with what and who are in our environments.


First, we remember we are already whole. We may sometimes feel disjointed, disconnected, like we can not trust ourselves, but we can. Regardless of the experiences, choices, circumstances, disruptions, and conditions we are in or have been in. We lean in. Be Bold. Be Be Curious.


Arts is a communication vehicle. That is all. It is not always about performance. People concern themselves with this part. I am good/not good. They are better at/I am better at. In our experiences together, we are in expression. It may be with colors, writing, textures, simple book making, very simple (and I mean very simple) textile and weaving, nature-based activities, personal ritual and ceremony. I have a lot in store for us. Lean in. Let your Whole Being have a voice. We are more than words and thoughts. Be Yourself.

Be Connected

Comment, subscribe to the newsletter to be up to date on classes and other offerings, and explore my site. Let's be connected. I look forward to knowing you!

And most of all, Be Kind. To yourself, to each other. To our wholeness finding its way to the surface in a complex world in every moment. It's beautiful.

Ama la vita d'altro,

Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Any questions? Just ask.

Basic Credentials:

Wholeness Arts Coach™,

Certified Spiritual Director and Master Spiritual Coach,

Certified Creatively Fit Coach™

Ord. Interfaith Minister and Movement Chaplain

Grief Specialist, MTh, MA-therapeutic arts,

Cert. End of Life Doula-people & animals,

Cert. Celebrant, also in Meditation, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy

Intuitive/Psychic Mystic, Artist, Author, Speaker

Love Maverick


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